Video Links:

Spartak - Let's Go Get 'Em feat. MC Tonn Piper

Spartak was a project that Martyn Walsh (Inspiral Carpets) and myself were involved with a few years ago. We got Tonn Piper (Manchester Based MC currently with Ram Records leader Andy C)  to add his touch and the track was chosen by Converse/Cons and 4Q magazine to be a part of this video feature.

Deaf FM - Skylight

I produced this for Manchester based, female fronted rock band , Deaf FM. They have an interesting blend of guitars and synths, this particular song is less,'Full On' but gives you an idea of their  sound. Interestingly Fa Caudwell (Guitar/Synths) is now part of From Ashes.

The Kino Club feat. Julie Gordon and Kermit - Tear it Apart (Simon Lyon Remix)

Great vocals from Julie (Happy Monday's/Black Grape live vocalist) and Kermit (Black Grape) the original track had a massive attack/trip-hop vibe to it, so I couldn't resist a little double-time stuff. Check the original here